Bucket List - Updated (2016)

I completed 8 during 2015 and the creation of this list...and so the Bucket List goes on:

 Bold, Italics = Completed

1. Attend a World Cup soccer game.

2. Re-visit Alaska and watch the Northern Lights.

3. Swim with sharks.
4. Visit South Africa’s Seal Island and view/swim with the leaping Great White Sharks.

5. Enter the ‘Cage of Death’ in Australia. Crocodile or Alligator hands-on experience.

6. Visit Ireland and Scotland. Photograph fields and stars.
7. Win money in Las Vegas, Nevada.
8. Get a meaningful tattoo for or with everyone in my immediate family.
9. Visit Puerto Rico / Virgin Islands.
10. Go base-jumping or skydiving at Arches.

11. Compete in a half marathon and a full marathon.

12. Learn how to surf.

13. Visit Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon. See the Pyramids, Dead Sea, and search for Howshar vineyard.

14. Scuba dive once a year after receiving certification.

15. Drive or be a handler for sled dogs.

16. Stay at the IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

17. Go cliff diving in the ocean.

18. Learn/Go ice climbing, preferably on a mountain.

19. Visit WWII sites in Europe (Bastogne, Belgium, Utah/Omaha Beach/Carentan France)

20. Have a wine collection.

21. Revisit Homer, Alaska. Plan a salmon fishing trip.

22. Read a collection or series of books for a week straight, during a vacation.

23. Travel to all of the remaining states I have left to visit within the United States.

24. Design and build a piece of furniture out of wood/wood crafting.

25. Hike and walk on a volcano.