Day "Dreaming"

Cascading loneliness – the epitome of isolation. Where are we in the world if not within ourselves?

Too often I find myself digressing from the modern realm of existence and entering a state of solitude; a purgatory, so to speak. Time is nonexistent; only tremors of memories seem to prevail over shadows of conscious feeling. Involuntarily, I slip into a trance as the spellcaster of manipulating reality, casting an illusion to replace what seemed irreplaceable. 

Once engulfed in the snare of the mind, I lose all control. The devil impedes my vision while the archangel restrains my movements. Visions of greed, neglect, selfishness, and anger inhabit my thoughts. How could it be that I am this susceptible to Evil? Does everyone think in such a way?

Each thought causes a chain reaction of fantasy situations, all of which cause internal moralistic turmoil. The harsh reality of human existence is too much for my mind. Logic breaks and I drift through the questions… are we all so similar? Different people from different homes living in different situations retaining different perspectives – yet all sharing the same outlook.

Human nature? Evolution? What possibilities are there in assisting explanation for this confusing dilemma which is the human experience? And yet, Evil tends to lurk among us, surviving within the hospital bed of the subconscious. Scratch that, within the forefront of our minds; the continual battle to submerge Evil into the depths of memory.

But it is still there. As humans grow, so does the Evil within us… but can we help it? Is it learned or does it naturally occur? I guess you must first seek out Evil and demand it show itself. Define it…